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Posted by Ezequiel on October 18, 2018

El Calafa... what ?

Lost in a Patagonian valley and 50km far from the Chilean frontier, the city of El Calafate is the starting point of numerous excursions. The town is surrounded by many points of interest that attract tourist in search of adventure from all over the world each year. Let’s review the 6 most tremendous things to do in El Calafate:


1) Passing on boat at the foot of the titanic glaciers in Los Glaciares National Park

Most famous excursion in the area, Los Glaciares National Park hosts a lot of glaciers, among which Spegazzini glacier, Upsala glacier and the well-known Perito Moreno glacier. As each of them dive in the Argentino Lake, remains the best way to discover the park and being amazed by these giant ice jewels. If you only have 1 day available to discover that part of the Andes, you should undoubtedly sail in the park in order to discover its main attractions in the promptest way. 


View of the Perito Moreno glacier from the shore. 

2) Being transported in another world through a trek on the famous glacier Perito Moreno

With its 250km2 and 20km long, Perito Moreno ranks third among biggest Argentinean glacier. Such an amount of ice keeps the glacier’s landscape evolving through months. So as to take full approach of the glacier, adventurous travelers can enjoy a trek on the Perito Moreno itself!

Recorded as UNESCO World Heritage, the Perito Moreno is famous for being one of the only 3 glaciers in the world that keeps growing despite climate change.

Adventurers will enjoy a mini Trek across the Perito Moreno Glacier, where the human being lost many of your points of reference.  With all the equipment required, step one of the biggest glaciers of Argentina.


View of the Perito Moreno from upon.

3) Challenging and ascending the Fitz Roy until reaching the Laguna de Los Tres

3 hours from El Calafate by car, El Chaltén is the main gateway to access majestic Monte Fitz Roy. For those who are in search of adventure and ascension will be fully satisfied! If you are not an climbing expert, do not worry, the trek’s difficulty is ranked as medium. 

At the end of the 4 hours trek, the adventurers enjoy the incredible view of the Laguna De Los Tres and the Fitz Roy as background. Fitz Roy is not only a steep Patagonian rock, but also a natural border between Argentina and Chile.


Laguna de los tres and Monte Fitz Roy.

4) Overstepping the Chilean border and visiting the Torres del Paine National Park

On the other side of the mountains  stands the land of Chili and Torres del Paine national park. It obtained his name from the peaks of the Paine Mountain that overlook the lands. The park hosts unbelievable landscapes across its numerous valleys, mountains passes, glaciers and lakes. Hunting ground of the Andean puma, the park enables you to discover the flora & fauna of the Patagonian domain.

From The Towers to the French Valley, Torres del Paine national park hides much more unique places than you can imagine. 


View of Los Cuernos in the French Valley.

5) Riding into the lunar-like Balcones del Calafate

Located on the Mountain of El Calafate park, Balcones del Calafate is an unusual attraction to do in the valley.

The first balcony, 15 min far from El Calafate, gives you an upon view of the city and the Patagonian steppe.

As the 4x4 keeps ascending, the Labyrinth of Rocks appears and takes you to another planet. You can encounter geological formations and fossils that date back to the cretaceous period and enjoy the view of Argentino Lake and Devil’s Mouth and with the Fitz Roy appearing far away. At approximately 1000 meters above the sea level, Balcones del Calafate is a must do for the travelers in search of panorama and wide landscape.


Balcones del Calafate with view on the Lago Argentino.

6) Enriching your knowledge at the center of research about the glacier

Called Glaciarium, the museum is one of the most important place of study about the glaciers and their characteristics. Between all the exhibitions, one of the most interesting according to us remain the study of the dramatic retreat of the glacier Upsala over the past years.

From the physical explications to the history of the first adventurers that arrived in the area, this visit can be a perfect conclusion to your trip in the land of glacier.


 The glaciarium museum from outside.

Now you have at least 7 reasons for tripping to El Calafate, we hope to see you over there with us !

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