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Posted by admin on August 8, 2017

The festivals of Argentina are steeped in our culture and history. There’s a full calendar of events taking place across the country. You’re bound to encounter one when you visit. Here’s what to expect: 


There are a number of local festivals scheduled for January and February. Most will be full of traditional music, dancing and food. Cosquín Festival – one of the largest - takes place in Cosquín, which is not that far from Cordoba – and it lasts for 10 days. 


The Carnival is celebrated across Argentina during February – usually during the two weeks prior to Lent. Some of the best places to head for include Corrientes or Gualeguaychú in the El Litoral Region, La Chaya in La Rioja (West Argentina) and Santiago del Estero (Northwest region). There will be costumes, parades, dancing, music and generally lots of fun and celebration. Fish will replace beef during the run up to Lent. Argentinians will get two days holiday at the end of February and into March to celebrate. 

Also, late February marks the start of the Fiesta Nacional de la Vendimia in Mendoza. It is based around celebrating the grape harvest – so expect parades, music, concerts and wine. Lots of wine! 


Celebration of the Carnival in Tilcara, in the Andes. You’ll find the carnival celebrated over much of the country. 


In Buenos Aires in February and March, you’ll catch the Buenos Aires Tango Festival. There will be hundreds of performances all over the city – all linked to our beautiful Argentine tango. 


The Tango in Buenos Aires – you’ll see tango all over the city! 


In April Buenos Aires holds its International Film Festival. Filmmakers will descend on the city to promote their latest work. 


The May Revolution – La Revolucion de Mayo or Dia Nacional - takes place on 25 May each year. It marks independence from Spain in 1810. It’s a National holiday. There are usually parades and music across the country. In cities, public transport to the celebrations is free. 


July 9 each year is Argentina’s Independence Day. There will be celebrations all over the country to mark our independence from Spain. It is party time – traditional food, music and celebrations galore. 


We host the Tango World Championships each August. Dancers from around the world come to compete, with the hope of being crowned world champion in the home of the Tango. There will be shows and celebrations to accompany the event. Expect fabulous music, costumes and performances. 


The Tango World Championships - when Tango takes to the world stage in Argentina. 


Oktoberfest – like in other countries – celebrates Bavaria. It will take place usually over the long weekend in October in the German founded city of  Villa General Belgrano. It was started by German immigrants to Argentina, and is set in the city’s huge beer garden and attracts beer brewers from all over the country. Expect beer, obviously, and German food. 


This is when we celebrate with our gay community in Buenos Aires with Gay Pride. Visitors will travel from all over to our capital city to celebrate and mark the occasion. 


Gay Pride in Buenos Aires is one of the city’s largest parades of the year. 

Experiencing one of our annual festivals when you visit Argentina will really enhance your trip.  If you’d like advice on when to visit and how to make the most of your time with us – please do contact us at Gray Line Argentina, we’d love to help you during your visit – from our distinguished tours of our famous sites to transferring you from airport to hotel. 

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